The Bureau of Information Technology (“BIT”) was established pursuant to Act 6634, codified in Title 3, Section 10 of the Virgin Islands Code. See 3 V.I.C. §§ 10, 10a-10j. The law is expressly prescriptive with Sections 10a through 10j detailing specific oversight responsibilities.

“Section 10a requires the development of a comprehensive 5-year technology strategy for the Government of the Virgin Islands. See 3 V.I.C. § 10a.
Section 10b outlines the director’s duties and responsibilities. See 3 V.I.C. § 10b.
Section 10c requires BIT to perform annual audits of each territorial agency Information Technology (IT) plan. See 3 V.I.C. § 10c.
Section 10d details the distribution of the audits reports. See 3 V.I.C. § 10d.
Section 10e addresses the funding of the IT services BIT provides. See 3 V.I.C. § 10e.
Section 10f details the establishing of an IT task force. See 3 V.I.C. § 10f.
Section 10g clarifies ownership of data being hosted in consolidated datacenters. See 3 V.I.C. § 10g.
Section 10h establishes BIT’s oversight and responsibility to create, promulgate, and enforce government-wide data security and confidentiality policies and procedures. See 3 V.I.C. § 10h.

Section 10i establishes BIT’s oversight, engagement and responsibility for establishing government-wide IT disaster plans within the context of VITEMA’s overarching responsibility for emergency planning and coordination. See 3 V.I.C. § 10i.
Section 10j requires the Governor to establish a technology advisory board. See 3 V.I.C. § 10j.”
The Bureau of Information Technology is also legally mandated to establish online access to information relating to public funds 3 V.I.C. § 881a also known as the “The Virgin Islands Government Transparency Act.”